ASK Outreach Trust, Isle of Man (IOM)

Agape Rehabilitation Centre for Children
ASK Outreach Trust has funded the building and the entire running costs of these two orphanages. These were initiated in 1998 to befriend streetchildren and ragpickers.

Now from very small beginnings there are two orphanages separately housing boys and girls; unlike many orphanages where children are institutionalised ours are run as a large extended family dealing with the ups and downs as experienced in normal Family life. Read More >>

Community Development (CUF Concerns Universe Foundation)
ASK Outreach Trust is one of the main funders for CUF. This Community Development grew from the clinics set up in 1998, it reaches far into the very poor community benefitting directly and indirectly thousands of people of all ages.
  • Preschool children are assessed both physically and mentally preparing them for junior school.
  • Young woman both married and single attend Community College grasping their last chance of gaining a Government recognised educational certificate.
  • Health education, child development, family planning, hygiene, good nutrition from locally available items is taught, also TB plus all preventive vaccinations are made available and TB cases followed up. CUF is recognised by the government as a centre for health education.
  • Evening clubs help children of illiterate parents with their home work, after school clubs for school drop outs, and computer classes. Read More >>
Deaf & Mute Education & Vocational Training
Deaf Training We have aimed to provide job training and deaf and mute community development programs to young unskilled men and women. Read More >>
Home of Hope
ASK Outreach Trust supports Home of Hope by buying equipment and has provided funds for the construction of a borewell and new building.

In Home of Hope the dying and destitute from the streets of Bangalore are cared for by Auto Raja and his wife Devi, these are people thrown away by their families or outcasts of society, ranging from small babies to the aged. All are shown love and kindness in their final hours, however some do recover and become dedicated workers, recently 6 of these couples celebrated their marriage. Read More >>

January 2010 Video - Footage by Vicky Harrop and video production by Ben Dalglish
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