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Carole Edgecox

Carole Edgecox was born on the Isle of Man in 1943. Her father was fighting in the war and she lived with her mother and brother, the cyclist Stuart Slack, who was eight years older than her. From a small child she had a desire to work with poor people and joined the QARANC to do her general nurse training and travel the world!

She returned to the island when her mother died suddenly to take care of her father. Whilst caring for him she did Psychiatric training in the now demolished Ballamona Hospital, then went on to work in A&E for 28 years. After her husband Terry’s sudden death in 1993 she realised she could fulfil her childhood dream of working with the poor people, especially children, in India. In 1995 Carole took 6 weeks leave from A&E and worked in Calcutta streets doing medical care and treating the feet and wounds of leprosy patients. After assuring herself with this trial she returned to nursing then in 1998 for 9 months spending her time setting up medical clinics and working in the slums of Bangalore. During this time she met Pastor Reuben and his family and realised their vision for the street children was the same as hers. They worked together to establish two orphanages to home street children and ragpickers, and Action Saves Kids was born.

These orphanages are not institutionalised, but through love and care are the large extended family of Pastor Reuben and Flora, who deal with all the usual ups and downs of family life. Carole has developed from ‘Carole Auntie’ to ‘Granny’!

Carole’s medical clinics have developed into a large community educational centre for pre-school children and women. This is all down to the vision of Chitra who Carole worked with in the clinics.

ASK was registered as a Manx charity in 1999 and Carole set about raising money in faith with no idea how God would lead her to help these children and marginalised people.

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